Getting audio to and from a Projector

Date Posted:24 January 2017 

Getting audio to and from a Projector main image Getting audio to and from a Projector image


A very common question which comes up again and again:
"How do i get the audio to the projector (usually ceiling mounted) then back down to the amplifier?"

One thing to remember is the projector is like a computer monitor, in that it is a video device... not an audio device. So you only need to send the video signal to the projector.

The best way to wire up the home theatre is through an amp. But sometimes people get a bit mixed up with the order they should cable things up. From the source, e.g. Bluray player/media player etc it is best to run a HDMI cable to your Amplifier. The amp will then have a video HDMI output to send up to the projector, as well as various audio outputs you can plug your speakers into. that way the projector gets its video signal, and the speakers get the Audio.

Some projectors do allow for audio to be sent to them however it is not common for projectors to have a digital audio out... so if you wish to connect speakers your audio quality may be poor, delayed, or it may just not work at all (depending on the projector model).

Some benefits of using an AMP to split your audio/video signal are

- Only need to run 1 HDMI cable to the projector to display a variety of devices.
- Easily switch between display devices/sources using the AMP (i.e. change from Bluray to Xbox to Foxtel etc.)
- High quality digital audio without audio delay.

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