Installing a projector on a budget

Date Posted:20 January 2017 

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The very best way to save a bit of money on your home theatre is to spend a little bit of time planning and DIY as much as possible. After moving home and purchasing my projector, screen, Amplifier, and speakers the budget was quite tight... having then to pay for an AV installer was going to push me over budget. Organising trades, arranging HDMI plates or ceiling mounts all adds to their work so it will add to the final bill.

The solution; to source as much of the materials and equipment and have a local electrician run a new power point. To get started i measured the distance for the projector and selected the right size of screen and the length of the HDMI cable plus a little bit for wiggle room.

- Epson EH-TW8300 Projector
- Epson Ceiling mount
- 10M HDMI Cable
- 2x 2M HDMI Cables (to go to the projector and to the amp from the wall plates)
- 2x HDMI Wall Plates
- 112" Grandview Fixed screen
- Yamaha Amplifier & Speakers

Being a two-storey house there was no access so the plaster board had to be cut to run the power and HDMI cables to the back of the room. The electrical work cost $230, being handy I opted to skip getting a plasterer and after a bit of you tubing replaced the cut-out squares then covered them with putty. After sanding and a lick of ceiling paint plus some screws to fix the ceiling mount the installation side of things cost under $300.
Of course if you're not comfortable doing this yourself there are plenty of companies that you can contact. Jim’s Antennas offer home theatre installation services, as do Tech2Home.

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