Selecting a projector for a Pub or Club.

Selecting a projector for a Pub or Club. main image Selecting a projector for a Pub or Club. image
What to look for when purchasing a projector from your Pub, Club, or Hotel.


Want to stand out from the competition? Keep your patrons coming back and staying longer with a massive projection screen. People can watch the footy at home, so why not offer them something different at your pub. A picture double or even 4 times the size of their home TV.

When selecting a projector there are some important factors to consider.

Native Resolution - This is basically the detail of the image. For Pub use we always recommend a widescreen projector to match up with TV broadcast. Either WXGA (which is HD quality), or WUXGA (which is FULL HD). Whilst current TV broadcast does not go over HD, having a FULLHD projector does help make the picture smoother so is the best option.

Brightness - Brightness on projectors is measured in ANSI Lumens. For great results, we recommend customers look at projectors with at least 3500 lumens or higher. This does depend on image size though... as you make the picture bigger you will need a brighter projector to ensure the image does not appear faint. For a 2 metre wide picture in typical Pub lighting something with at least 3500 lumens is fine. If you want something unique such as a 4metre wide picture then best to go up to at least 5000 lumens. If you have a lot of natural light then you may need to consider a more specialised large venue projector with 6000 or more lumens. Still unsure what brightness level you need? Just shoot us an email with a picture of the area and your preferred image size, we are always happy to help.

Contrast - Contrast is usually advertised in ratio form so will look something like 5000:1 or 15000:1. The ratio represents the difference between black and white, so if the contrast ratio is 5000:1 it means the black levels are 5000 times blacker than the white. For home theatre contrast is extremely important as it is very visible in rooms with no ambient light. In a pub environment contrast is something that should be looked at however in rooms that are fairly bright it is not a major factor. Anything over 10000:1 is normally quite reasonable and perfectly fine for a pub or bar.

Installation Distance - The installation distance (or throw distance) has tripped some customers up in the past so always make sure you measure prior to purchasing. Each projector has a particular distance that it must be installed at in order to project a certain image size. To work out how far back a projector must sit just multiply the image width by the advertised throw ratio on the projector. If the throw ratio is 1.15:1 and your image size is 2 metres wide, then 1.15 x 2 = 2.3. So the projector must be installed 2.3m back. We are happy to double check the projector you are considering will be suitable, just let us know your measurements.

Lamp Life & Cost - The cost of running a modern projector is substantially less than in the past. Lamp life is longer and lamp cost has dropped a lot. There are also many projectors that use Laser technology so have no lamps to replace at all.
If you plan on running the projector for long hours then it is best to quickly check the lamp life and replacement lamp cost. Many large venue models offer a lamp life of around 4000 hours with many mainstream models being around 10000 hours. Lamp cost can be as cheap as $100 on some models, generally the brighter the machine the more expensive the lamp.

We know it can be confusing with such a big range of models. If you need help deciding just contact our staff