Selecting a projector for your House of Worship

Selecting a projector for your House of Worship main image Selecting a projector for your House of Worship image
What to look for when purchasing a new projector for your House of Worship.


Whether you’re after a projector for new church or upgrading your old projector, we can help to make sure you get the right projector for your set up. To make the job of selecting the right projector easier we have listed some factors you should consider below.


Throw Distance – If you plan on placing your new projector at a particular spot (such as on a lighting rig, ceiling truss, or on an existing ceiling mount) then the throw distance is very important. Not all projectors are the same, some projectors need to be placed closer or further back than others. Using the advertised Throw Ratio, you can work out if a projector will suit your set up.
If the projectors throw ratio is 1.15 – 1.50:1, you can multiply these figures by your image width to work out installation/throw distance. If the required image width is 2m your installation distance will be between 2.3m and 3m (ie 1.15x2m=2.3 and 1.5x2m=3m). Always best to measure your image width and required installation distance accurately with a tape measure, don’t guess as you may end up with the wrong projector!
Obviously if you require help selecting a projector that will suit your set up just email or call through your installation distance and we can send you some options to consider.

Native Resolution – Basically, this is the detail you will get. The most common resolution used in churches in the past was XGA, this is the older ‘squarer’ format, like the old-style televisions. We now recommend the use of WXGA or WUXGA projectors in Houses of Worship and large Halls. These 2 resolutions are widescreen and match the image of modern computers. The WXGA resolution is HD quality, while WUXGA is a FULL HD quality resolution. For projection of large font sizes such as hymn lyrics the WXGA is perfectly acceptable, however choosing a WUXGA projector will allow you to project smaller font sizes with improved clarity.

Brightness – Brightness is measured in ANSI Lumens. Considering most Houses or Worship are quite large and bright it is best to use a bright projector. For most church environments, we recommend a projector with 4000 lumens or higher. Keep in mind, the larger the image the brighter the projector must be. For example, if you are after a 3metre wide image in a well-lit area we suggest a projector over 6000 lumens.

Contrast Ratio – The Contrast Ratio determines how black your black’s will be and the detail that you get in those dark scenes in movies. When using a projector in a bright environment contrast is not important as you can’t really see the difference. If you wish to also use the projector for video or movies then a higher contrast can help, anything 10,000:1 or higher is considered quite reasonable.

Connections – Most projectors feature a HDMI connection; this connection provides the sharpest picture possible so is highly recommended. HDMI cabling can run up to a maximum of 20metres, if you need to run a cable a longer distance then we suggest using a HDMI Extender device or a HDBaseT device. Please contact us if you require a quote for a long cable run.


Recommendations – Below are some projectors we recommend for churches and large halls. We have selected these based-on brightness, image detail, reliability, and value. If you have some requirements that require a more specialised recommendation feel free to contact us for assistance.