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Projectors in a church environment are one of the best ways to keep the audience engaged with the ability to be seen by a large group. With a large screen and big bold lettering they can be used for everything from pictures and even song lyrics or double up for community or movie events.

The major factors to consider in a church use projector are:

  • Brightness

  • Resolution

  • Throw distance


Brightness measured in lumens on projectors is one of the most important things to consider in a church installation. The larger the screen or image size you are using the more brightness you would need. The more light around the screen whether artificial or especially natural light the more lumens you would require. In essence the more the merrier is the rough rule of thumb on brightness.

A bit of a guide on brightness:

  • 3000-4000 Lumens for sizes 82” to120” in rooms with normal artificial lighting.

  • 4000-5000 lumens for a bright room image size of 120” to 140”

  • 5500+ Lumens when you are after a large 120” + image in a bright room.


Selecting the correct resolution is the next step, of course the higher the resolution the better but this will push up the cost of a projector. If the presentations a largely PowerPoint presentations of lyrics we find a low resolution projector shoudl still be able to do the job quite well.


The native resolution of a projector is literally the count of the pixels (the little dots) that make up the image. For example Full HD is 1920x1080 (also known as WUXGA) so if you got up close to the picture and had a lot of time on your hands it would be 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high.

Below is a list of resolutions and a bit of a guide to what sort of presentations they can be used for:

800x600 SVGA – Basic PowerPoint and presentations with big bold text

1024x768 XGA – More detailed PowerPoint and documents

1280x800 WXGA (HD) – Video, images and smaller text or detailed presentations

1920x1080 WUXGA (Full HD) – Fine lines, spread sheets, Full HD video and high detail presentations.

3840x2160 (UHD) – CAD drawings, large image presentations, UHD video.

Throw Distance

 Throw distance is how far the projector will be from the screen or wall to achieve a certain image size. Most projectors will require a few metres to get a decent image size and in many cases this will work quite well.

There are two concerns in a church installation:

Odd roof design
Many church ceilings have awesome arches, steep angles and incredible heights. While this is helps the building feel open and spacious it can be difficult getting the projector in the correct position.

Replacing an older model.

Replacing an older projector will have the same problem of matching up the distance.

For best results measure the image size and distance. Then you can give us a call or work it out using the throw ratio of a projector you are considering.


To work it out you would multiply the width of your screen by the new projectors throw ratio. For example if you have a two metre wide screen and a 4 metre installation point and are looking at a projector with a 1.4-2.14:1 Throw ratio.

2mx1.4 =2.8m (minimum throw)

2mx2.14=4.28m (maximum throw)

This would confirm the projector can work at the 4 metre installation point.

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