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Terms, Conditions, and Important Information
This Extended Warranty program is operated by GM Multimedia Pty. Ltd.
GM Warranties Extended Warranty provides additional value added services on top of your manufacturer warranty that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Laws and these consumer guarantees exist separately from the Extended Warranty. You are not required to pay for these Australian Consumer Laws consumer guarantees. An Extended Warranty provides benefits which may overlap with your Australian Consumer Laws rights.
GM Multimedia reserves the right to suspend or cancel any extended warranty program if you fail to pay by the due date shown on your GM Multimedia Tax Invoice.
GM Multimedia extended warranties are only valid if the extended warranty is purchased within 30 days of the original purchase of the product from GM Multimedia.


Product Replacement
At GM Multimedia’s sole discretion we may replace your product with a product of similar specification if a repair is deemed to be too costly. The replacement product will be supplied by GM Multimedia and will be of similar specification limited to the original purchase price of your product. As technology products generally fall in price overtime the replacement product may have a lower selling price and may be a different brand. Any difference in replacement price to the original purchase price will not be refunded. GM Multimedia’s extended warranty does not guarantee new for old replacement. Upon issue of a replacement product, store credit, or negotiated refund this will void any remaining term of your Extended Warranty.

Use of Refurbished Parts
Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type. Refurbished or new parts may be used to repair goods.

Loss of Data
During the process of repair, goods that are capable of retaining user-generated data may result in some or all of your stored data being lost. Lost data may include but is not limited to, projector settings, customised programming, files stored on projectors inbuilt memory. GM Multimedia is not responsible for any backing up or loss of data incurred nor does GM Multimedia cover any operating system or software.

No Lemon Guarantee
Where a product has had any three failures during the extended warranty period and under the terms and conditions of this product GM Multimedia will on the fourth occasion provide a Product Replacement (please see ‘Product Replacement’ for terms and conditions of replaced goods).

Fair Wear & Tear
Fair Wear and Tear is covered as a result of normal domestic usage within manufacturer recommendations and covers items such as buttons and switches which have failed or have become worn away under normal usage. Remote controls, cables, bags, projector lamps, filters, consumables and other separate accessories are not included as part of this extended warranty program.

GM Multimedia will arrange the free return delivery of any repaired or replacement product under the terms and conditions of this extended warranty program. The initial postage of the faulty product to GM Multimedia is at the cost of the customer. If goods are found not faulty return freight costs are the responsibility of the customer.

For all valid claims covered by this Extended Warranty program GM Multimedia will arrange the repair and return freight without any charge to the customer. Repairs are undertaken by various Australian service centres as advised by the brand/vendor/manufacturer.

What is not covered
Failures or damage caused by:

  • Abnormal wear and tear including if the product is used in a manner not originally intended
  • Interference from other products, aerials, signal strength, alterations, sources or incompatibility of parts.
  • Being inadequately serviced or from failure to provide recommended maintenance.
  • Rust, dirt, dust, liquid penetration, infestation by vermin or insects, image retention/burn in.
  • Incompatibility of parts, known defects or design faults, pre-existing defects or recalls, negligence, accident, or deliberate misuse.
  • Any firmware, software, virus, or software compatibility issues.
  • Abuse, misuse, overclocking, cooling, neglect, vandalism, crushing, tampering, warping, accidents, theft, overheating, power surges, power spikes, corrosion, and de-lamination.
  • Environmental conditions such as sun damage, rain, hail, wind, flood, fire, earthquake, electrical storms, lightning strike, or any other act of God, War or crime related events.
  • Transportation, as a result of freight, insufficient or improper packaging of product, storage or from installation or while the moving the product
  • Pre-existing faults prior to purchase.

Consumables and Accessories
Consumables and accessories are not covered under this extended warranty program. Consumables and accessories include, but are not limited to, projector lamps, LED or laser light sources, remote controls, 3D glasses, cables, adapters, carry cases, filters, or external power supplies.

Additional costs you may experience

  • Setup and/or installation or reinstallation of products
  • Any loan equipment you may require while your product is being repaired
  • Normal maintenance, cleaning, product diagnosis checks
  • Items that are lost, damaged, or stolen as a result of freight, transport or storage.
  • Consequential or incidental loss or damages.
  • Costs where the diagnosis of the failure is not covered under this extended warranty.
  • Cosmetic, structural or consumable items, including (but not limited to) bulbs, globes, lamps, fusers, filters, cartridges, filaments, batteries, fuses, leads, speakers, cables, remotes, power supply adapters, or other external accessories.
  • Initial freight and packaging costs to send the product to GM Multimedia for repair.
  • Return freight costs and labour costs if returned product is found not faulty within the terms and conditions of this extended warranty.

This Warranty program is limited to the conditions as specified here and is not an extension to the original vendor/brand/manufacturer terms and conditions. GM Multimedia may at their discretion use the vendor/brand/manufacturer terms and conditions for situations not listed here. This warranty program is solely for equipment used in the home, residential and office. It is not cover goods used in outdoor areas, or for advertising or commercial use.
It is the customers responsibility to retain original packaging of the product. This packaging may be required for safe transportation to GM Multimedia in the event of a claim within the extended warranty period. It is the customers responsibility to ensure safe packing of the product to prevent transportation damage.

GM Multimedia is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. GM Multimedia does no trade, rent, or sell your information. Your information may be made available to the vendor/brand/manufacturer or a repair agent for the purpose of repairing your product under the Extended Warranty program. GM Multimedia does not use customer details or email addresses for sending unsolicited emails.
GM Multimedia reserve the right to report the customers’ information to the appropriate authorities and/or banking institutions if the information we received is deemed to be false, misleading or fraudulent.